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2019 Peace Mandala – Koyasan, Japan 

CompaSS Volunteers are often called the essence of the Sangha because we play an important role in the mission to build a core of 1000 Bodhisattvas. We are visible when needed; invisible, yet, able to give care when doing our duties.  CompaSS Volunteers work alongside team leads and fellow volunteers to help make a difference by providing comfort, hope, support and education.

We are:

  • Compassionate, motivated, committed and well-trained
  • Good communicators with a great desire to serve others
  • Diverse in work-ability

Expected Travel Dates: 
October 12-22, 2019

Land-Package Cost:
(airfare not included; details TBA)

Sign-up Deadline:
April 21st

Payment Due by:
May 15th

Examples of How We will Contribute During the Retreat:

  • Assist basic needs of the Sangha
  • Assist in Mandala set-up (be precise in following instructions by team lead)
  • Be an Usher during Mandala ceremony (training will be needed for this)
  • Assist  Koyasan kitchen staff; Carry stack of trays of food up and down several stairs
  • Maintain tidiness of common areas (ie: study hall, common bath area, dining area, etc)
  • Occasionally run errands from one building to another  building
  • Generally maintain a smooth and effortless flow
  • Participate in daily schedule as part of the Sangha

Mandatory Requirements to Join the Delegation: ​

Practice compassion:

  • Travel light (limited to a carry-on size luggage + a backpack)
  • No Food Allergies (special needs are difficult to accommodate)
  • Adhere to a vegetarian-only diet
  • Able to sit on the floor (chairs are not available)
  • No major health issue 

Be motivated to build the group stamina & strength, volunteers must complete the following practices and merits of it can be transferred to the Peace Mandala in Japan:*

  • 10,000 recitations of Great Compassion Mantra
  • 10,000 bows
  • 100 hrs of meditation

Be committed and well-trained:*

  • Complete 20 hours of volunteer training
  • Complete 20 hours of Japanese culture and etiquette training

(*) Denotes: To be completed by October 12th, 2019. Details of the training TBA.

The deadline to RSVP for this event has passed.

We look forward to your participation in this historical event!

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