ngày 9 đến 20 tháng 12 năm 2021

Xin thông báo ghi danh cho Xuất Gia Vị Tha và Bồ Tát Hộ Pháp:

The retreat will take place at The Salvation Army, Pine Summit Christian Camp located at Big Bear Lake. The camp site has an elevation of 6,759 ft high. The Temporary Monk/Nun retreat will start on December 9th. We will leave the camp on December 16th and stay at the hotels next to Anaheim Convention Center until December 20th.

The cost of the retreat is $900 (it includes lodging, transportation and meals). We accept cash, checks and money orders to “Compassionate Service Society”. Mail to P.O. Box 18794, Anaheim, CA 92817. Payment deadline is November 14th. 

Click on the calendar icon below to download the retreat schedule.

We’re looking forward to seeing you among us every Saturday 8-9AM on Zoom and beyond!

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Registration is closed. Contact us by email:

Sứ Mạng

Đạo Tạo 1000 Bồ Tát tập sự qua chương trình Xuất Gia Vị Tha.

Tinh Thần của Xuất Gia Vị Tha

On the first day of our Temporary Altruistic Home-Leaving in December 2016, I spoke to Ron (the owner of Camp Buckhorn) about the nature of the 250 monks and nuns at the camp:

“These people are currently full fledged Buddhist novice monks and nuns for the next 14 days. They are people like you, lay men and lay women who made the monastic vows for 14 days. Each have the purpose to dedicate their vows to someone: parents, siblings, relatives, friends, co-workers, etc… who are facing difficulties in life, who are severely ill, or who have passed away.”

Thinking about his mother, who had recently gone under surgery, Ron became tearful. He said he would do everything he could to support our group. He exceeded each and every one of my expectations.

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