This is a chance to strengthen your focus, deepen your samadhi, and it’s also a chance to learn how to structure your own seclusion in the future!


General Info:


  • September 2019:  Friday 13th – Sunday 15th 

  • Begins Friday @ 7 pm and runs through Sunday @ 5 pm. 
  • Earliest arrival allowed is Friday, 13th, after 3 pm.
  • Latest allowed arrival is Saturday, 14th, @ 9 am.
  • Fee:  $40




  1. At least 70% of the seclusion retreat is required.  Check-in Friday and stay until the end to transfer the merits of your cultivation!
  2. Complete at least one shift of volunteer service during the retreat. Assignments will be made available for viewing on-site at the venue (Murrietta, California – exact address will be emailed via welcome letter)
  3. No cellphone-use during seclusion.




The maximum limit has been reached. Contact us if you have any questions via email: sangha@compassheart.com