Monthly Delegation

Our Mission

Four teams. Four months. One Mission.

To request help to bring the first Peace Mandala to Japan. Hai!

In addition to our opportunity in October, our monthly trips have two goals:

First is to complete 2 days of thee-steps-one-bow ceremony in Okunoin Cemetery, 奥の院墓地, towards the mausoleum of of Kobo Daishi (Kukai) - founder of Shingon Buddhism and Koyasan.  We will pray and ask Kobo Daishi for assistant of our bringing the Peace Mandala to Japan. Therefore, our sincerity is key and by so we will transfer the merits of our accomplishments to the success of the Peace Mandala in October.

Second is to connect with the Vietnamese community in hopes for them to join forces with us and volunteer - a concept that is uncommon to the Japanese culture!

General Itinerary

  • Arrive KIX airport
  • Rest at a hotel in Osaka
  • Travel to Koyasan by train (~1.5-3 hours)
  • 3-steps-1-bow ceremony at Okunoin Cemetery (5am -7am)
  • Transfer merits to Japan Mandala
  • Ask Kobo Daishi + Buddhas + Bodhisattvas for help, guidance, and success of Peace Mandala in October
  • 3-steps-1-bow ceremony at Okunoin Cemetery (4pm -6pm) 
  • Meet & make connection with local Vietnamese community & their leader(s)
  • Fine-tune logistics & various grounds-work to prepare for October (Details TBD)

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